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Well, sometimes it seems like not much changes.  But I suppose that's life with a chronic illness.


Here are the updates:


Disability: I have a lawyer.  The first claim she put through was denied.  So we're appealing that one right now.


Symptoms: My headache doesn't go away...ever.  I do have good days and bad days, with continuing fatigue, nausea, and body aches. 


Functionality: I need extra rest each day, but I'm still going to school pretty successfully.  I still cannot drive alone.  So I'm relying on my incredible family for all transportation.  I'm also exercising as much as I can.  I go to yoga with my mom once a week, and I do home workout videos and exercise when possible.


Doctors: I saw Dr. Grubb a few weeks ago.  He thinks I should work on getting around without the wheelchair more often, which I am starting to do.  It's just very exhausting.  We still haven't decided if we should make another appointment in New York.