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May 31, 2005

I e-mailed Dr. Bolognese at the beginning of February about my continuing pressure headaches.  At that time, he ordered many tests to be done, including:


-an MRI of the Cervical spine area

-a skull x-ray

-a blood analysis

-a special Lumbar Puncture with several pressure measurements and optional removal of spinal fluid depending upon the pressure readings


These were ordered on February 15.


Incidentally, I had a cervical MRI done in early March during a trip to the Emergency Room after a fall.


I got the x-ray done a couple days ago.


For the other two tests, I was told to go to a neurologist.  Unfortunately, the only neurologist I have in this state was unwilling to help, and I was unwilling to put up with him anymore.


So now, I'm trying to see a new neurologist who will be able to help complete these tests as soon as possible.


My headache is so horrendous.  I'm just certain that the intra-cranial pressure is high.  That's why I'm so sure a spinal tap would least I'm hoping so.  Also, it would hopefully show if my ICP is high.


Until then, I'll keep waiting...


Monday, July 25, 2005


The spinal tap was painful.  They hit the nerve going down my right leg 7 times while trying to place the needle.  I stayed in bed for 24 hours as I was told.  I felt really good for about 36 hours.  Then I got worse and worse until I realized I was having another spinal tap headache.  It was horribly painful.  I went to the ER and they gave me some caffeine and some pain meds.  But I was in horrible pain that whole week.


We're trying to get all of the results sent out to NY, but it's been hard with all of the disability crap going on at the same time.  But the remainder of the test results will be sent out this week, and then we'll just have to wait and see if they can help me out.  So I'm still waiting.