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Spending March/April in the Emergency Room

Recently, I have had a major setback in my recovery. This past Friday, March 25th, I had a seizure. I was walking through the living room, when I stopped at the wall, apparently fell straight backwards, and started seizing. Luckily, my mom was home, along with a couple others to help her out. When I woke up, I was surrounded by paramedics. They were telling me I'd had a seizure, and I was so confused. I kept thinking I'd been dreaming. But when they carried me out and rolled me into the ambulance, I realized this was really happening. In the ambulance, they asked if I knew what year it was, and I couldn't tell them. But by the time we reached the hospital, most of my memory had returned. I had landed really hard on the back of my head, so they put me on some morphine for the day. I had some scans done, and these doctors thought everything looked okay inside my head. So I'm very lucky that I didn't ruin anything. But my head sure hurts.

I had to return to the E.R. on April 1st.  I passed out in the hospital while picking up some x-rays.  I've been having a lot of trouble staying conscious lately.  The syncope is really severe.  My blood pressure is consistently very low, even though I'm still on the ProAmitine to keep it up.  So I hope to resume the Epogen injections as soon as possible.

Dr. B. wants me to have a few tests to see if he can figure out what caused this to happen, in the hopes that it doesn't happen again.